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ELWER Automatic water level controllers

  • Aesthetically designed controller to match with the interior of modern kitchen
  • LED indications of Pump ON, Dry run, High voltage,Low voltage, Tank full, Sump empty and Manual
  • Low voltage(<160V) and High voltage(>270V) cut off in auto mode
  • Dry run cut off (In Auto mode) with an intelligent timer – time delay from 1 to 1.5 minutes
  • Easy to clean the tank (sensors create no hindrance to clean the tank)
  • Only 3 wires (2 for sensors and 1 for dry run) are required to be run from tank to the controller
  • Very easy to install and extremely reliable sensors
  • Maximum Capacity 2HP/240VAC (Direct)
  • Any HP/ Phase motor can be connected through Starter
  • RD-09 1T for single tank and RD-09 2T for double tank (Overhead tank + Sump application
  • Manual start and auto OFF feature is also available.
  • Auto/Manual selection

SINICON Automatic water level controllers

Sinicon Water Switch System effectively monitor and controls water/liquid levels in the Overhead Tank, Sump, Well* etc. It prevents Overhead Tank from overflowing and also over pumping of Sump, Well etc. It allows the user to be free from the botheration of switching the electric water pump On and Off and makes water available round the clock.

In addition to the above basic function (as in the Water Switch), the Water Switch Controller in the Water Switch System prevents pump running when Sump is empty and low voltage, high voltage and dry run situation, thus avoiding damage to motor resulting increased availability, cost saving in electricity and maintenance.''

Functions and Features

  • Fully automatic and manual operation.
  • Switches Water Pump ON when Overhead Tank is empty and Switches Water Pump OFF when Overhead Tank is full.
  • Switches Water Pump OFF when Sump/Well is empty (even while the Overhead Tank is empty) and allow pump to run only when the Sump/Well is filled up to the set limit.
  • Extremely easy to install and operate.
  • Fit and forget type and no routine maintenance required
  • Single switch operation for Auto/Off-Reset/Manual Operations.
  • Split timer for switching the pump ON and OFF in two different time slot is available in model 9526BT2 only


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